The Beginning; Past, Present & Future

Black Shiba was born on 4/20, a fair launch by an anonymous team with locked liquidity for 6 months (check etherscan & unicrypt). Anyone was able to purchase directly from Uniswap and the distribution was well even, not one held more than 3% of float at most. A community was quickly formed of gathering holders excitedly figuring out what was happening and natural leaders of the pack rose up and took positions that they saw were needed.

Black Shiba was born in the spirit of $DOGE $SHIB and the inu’s, community raised and motivated in perserverance and individual support. A practice in organic self assembly that is seen demonstrated throughout nature, and of which is propelled by mutual success for the individuals and the contingency of the whole. It is in many ways an allegory for the nature of life itself, as we are made of organs and cells composed of many individual units working for the mutual benefit and survival of our whole being!

The team can then build and prepare for the project, while the community breathes life and gives form.

Consider them as our starbase, we are assembling together a crew to travel with us and maintain our spaceship, but they are assembling the ship to travel!

Imagine you are traveling through space like Cowboy Bebop and you dock on an intergalactic hub. There’s a market and you can trade real quick, but you notice this is a pretty secure vehicle being prepared for an interstellar journey that could give you a once in a lifetime chance. Plus, the longer you stay and help out, then the more your bags grow and its value increases!

The builders and developers are busy working and there’s still a good time window to prepare before the warp jump closes, but the positions to sustain the ship need to be prepared. And so, one by one, people gather from around the universe and connect with each other and lend a hand with their skill and dedication for mutual success on their space journey.

Maybe you’ve been in many communities and have always wanted to help out and be an active part of the project, but with Black Shiba you get rewarded by holding and helping along as we all make this a successful mission!

This is a practice and experiment at decentralized autonomous community organization and success, a true model of a self forming DAO and something that I believe will be a necessary experiment of community bonding to be applied to interstellar space travel and terraforming!

What is $BIBA?

It’s a meme coin in the spirit of Dogecoin and siblings, but much more! It’s a mix of the Doge world with overall better features within the tokenomic design inspired by HOGE and others.

Name: Black Shiba

Network: $ETH

Symbol: $BIBA

Decimals: 9

Max supply: 500,000,000 fully circulating

Current market cap: under $800,000.

Tokenomics: For every transaction there is a 5% mutual distribution fee to the holders of $BIBA and a 3% burn.

This incentivizes and rewards loyal holders for the trading activity of others by the distribution, while reducing the total supply of the token and locking the value into $BIBA! For every trade that happens, when you loyally hold onto your Black Shiba puppy, it fetches you a reward that you can watch actively grow, and also buries away 3% to make your $BIBA more rare and valuable. I personally made over 100,000 extra $BIBA in 5 days with a small bag! If everything was stagnant, that would be over 1,400% apy without compunding!

There are plans for NFT’s and gaming that is in development, as well as additional expansions as the community decides and prepares(check the website! There will be a community managed multisig established and also DAO governance setup to maintain the future growth and control of Black Shiba.

It is currently 6 days old and we have grown in followers and holders despite the last market turndown and -under-the-radar- launch, and many community members and initial holders have come and gone within the first few days, but the loyal holders only increased their bags with all of the trading action, as well as being able to layout some framework for the community. There is now a Black Shiba reddit community page, a discord, a twitter account, instagram, this medium page, and soon facebook, and more, all community deployed and managed by those of us who saw a need and rose to the occasion.

Black Shiba everything!

If you see any need, then help out and rise to the occasion and offer a hand like those before us, and if you would like anything to be done let’s coordinate with the community and work it out! We are the owners of our newfound puppy, and we will be responsible for its upraising and well being as it mutually rewards our loyalty and dedication!

Many of our community members saw an opportunity to do something good in the world with the unique chance we have of being an early holder of $BIBA by offering a pledge of donating to the charities that they chose.

Dogecoin is known around the world, and there have been many other varieties of dogs. The Black Shiba has been unnoticed and neglected at first, a proverbial black sheep that needs our care and attention formed in the true image of Dogecoin and Shiba, and is one of the most loyal and generous of any dogecoin inu breed that you can care for with their rewards!

When $BIBA reaches a marketcap of $55,000,000 from the time I am writing this then it will be worth $.10 /$BIBA and would have done 62.5x from here! The community members that are holding will only increase their bags with every trade and so their rewards for being loyal and helping out with the success of this project exponentially increase with the duration of their stay! With bags so heavy at that point, a few of them wanted to give back to the world in the spirit of the BIBA blessings that allow them to do so!

1,000,000 $BIBA is pledged to go to a Black Lives Matter charity on behalf of one of our community members, and 1,000,000 $BIBA will go towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, both very important charities that really need the world’s love and healing in unity! Let us join in the spirit of BIBA to look aside our differences and positions in life and come together as a global family through crypto to help lead the world in active involvement that reaches beyond all borders and into the galaxies ahead of us!

Each one teach one, and each one reach one! Let’s go fam!

Made with love by the Black Shiba pack.